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ImportAlerts.com is the only place to find clear, concise and actionable information about FDA’s Import Alerts (or Automatic Detention) program.   ImportAlerts.com is a project of Maryland-based consulting firm FDAImports.com.  Led by Founder and CEO, Benjamin England, FDAImports.com is a unique consulting practice made up of consultants, marketers and affiliated attorneys serving FDA-regulated international and domestic clients of all varieties and sizes.  Mr. England is a 17-year veteran of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration with over 25 years of direct FDA-related experience. He now leads FDAImports.com and ExportToUsa.com.cn, our Chinese affiliate.  The ImportAlerts.com website was created to provide a user-friendly and straightforward resource to assist you, no matter where you are, with understanding and overcoming the challenges and hurdles related to importing FDA-regulated goods to the United States.

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