• What is an Import Alert?

    An Import Alert is FDA’s way of telling the world that the Agency thinks your products present safety problems. As a result of an Import Alert, FDA will automatically detain your products at the border, costing your customers a lot of money. More technically, FDA Import Alerts are issued whenever FDA determines that it already […]

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  • Import Alert Effects

    The effects of an Import Alert are astronomical, costing you money, wasting precious time and ruining your good name and reputation. FDA uses Import Alerts to automatically detain imported products, refusing them entry into the United States. FDA Automatic Detentions will affect future shipments of the product even if they comply with the law. This can prevent […]

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  • Removal From Import Alert

    Did you know FDA will not tell you they placed your company on Import Alert?  Did you know FDA no longer accepts only 5 clean consecutive shipments to remove a company from Automatic Detention? Did you know some Import Alerts are written so that the promise of exemption is only an illusion? This is all […]

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